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purple fluorite by chokolatkat
purple fluorite
instead of having a physical weapon like the other gems in this au so far i decided to do something elemental (like lapis) for rin (and haru but i forgot to mention)
so fluorite controls dark matter or shadows, not sure which yet, and forms it into huge clawed hands that she uses to rip stuff to shreds. it all comes from her gem kinda fluidly but it sticks to her body? you can kind of see an example on her shoulders
green prehnite by chokolatkat
green prehnite
you may have noticed a lot of the designs for this au have tanktop sleeves. this is because i am lazy and like tanktop sleeves too much
sulphur by chokolatkat
a lil story on this one: in basic utc 'canon' haru has a twin brother, and i wanted to add him to the whole thing and in the process i got a lot more backstory out of the deal than i bargained for so:
sulphur (haru) and citrine (her brother, as yet unnamed) look nearly identical. the only really off thing is their colours (sulphur a more acidic green and yellow mix while citrine is more warm golds and oranges). they were both created around the same time, met eachother right away, and were nearly inseparable ever since (think ruby and sapphire type relationship, complete with near-perfect fusion). now fast-forwards a few thousand years. a gem (sort of taking the place of rose quartz in this au) decides to stop the colonization of one small planet and war is fast approaching. gems that had been considered outcasts were joining ranks with this gem rebel, and more and more of sulphur and citrines close friends and allies were joining the ranks. sulphur brings it up with citrine one day and says shed like to join. a group of their close friends were joining too and she wanted to leave with them to join the army. citrine doesnt want to go, says they were going to join up with the empires (or whatever theyre actually called. the opposing force) army going to stop the gem rebels. both kind of get their hearts broken at the same time bc they both thought better (in different ways) of the other. sulphur says that she wont change her mind, citrine says something to the same effect, they share a heartrending goodbye (smth along the lines of "i love you and always will but if we meet on the battlefield ill do what i have to do. i trust you will as well" but more sad), and sulphur leaves to get ready to get to the earth warp without being seen. later on im thinking citrine will have a kind of peridot-type dynamic (sent to check on earth and reactivate the kindergarten etc) but with more heartbreak n shit

ok that was long. i was gonna post a citrine shot too but that is literally drawing the same character twice and honestly i just couldnt be bothered
rhodolite by chokolatkat
i took this chance to make henrys hair 100% bigger and i regret nothing

ps he's got a tail bc he was hatched (spawned? created? whatever the gem term for born is) on an alien planet with lots more water than earth and needed to get around aquatically so he formed with a tail for swimming
blue topaz by chokolatkat
blue topaz
so im drawing my ocs as crystal gems bc i need an excuse to fiddle with colours and am a sucker for fantasy/scifi aus 

so for all the characters i au-ified i picked some colours and the chose a stone to match, so you might see some odd ones i guess?? idk. idve loved to choose based on personality and symbolism n shit but i honestly cant be assed
we're going to lloyd tomorrow to drop my little sister off with my grandma for a while. moms gonna hang out with me and my brother there for the afternoon, so ill probably get a lot of drawing done. maybe, i dunno. i did a lot of digital stuff tonight and righty's pretty cramped, and my braces are still mia. bluh. but yeah. 
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Hi, nice to meet you, the names Kat! I upload mostly just my digital art here, but on occasion you can see some of the traditional things i do. I also make cosplays! Ive been doing mostly homestuck characters lately, but i hope to expand my range to many more varieties. I not only make cosplays, but plushes too. I've posted quite a few on here, if you wanna check those out, as well as a lot of miscellaneous crafts, usually involving paint or glue. I write a lot as well, most of it (most of the posted things anyway) fanfiction on my AO3 (ebonyIllusion). I only have one fanfic on the go there at the moment, but I have another one in the works that should be ready soon! I think thats about it, all my other accounts can be found in my signature. Bye!

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